Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kingston Princeton Day 6

Center right small panel - the sign for the D&R canal. The color tone is pulling together the separate panels into a coherent composition. The color pallet reminds me of an old printed postcard from the 1920's which is the time period I've become fascinated with as of late.

I've limited my pallet to just a few colors that is helping to unify the panels:
Blues- aquamarine and cerullean
Green - Pthalo green
Yellow - Cadmium yellow light
Earth tones - Burnt Sienna and yellow ocher.

The blacks are combinations of aquamarine and burnt sienna. I'm really not using any red in these, but the next panel has a large red mill building in it. I was hoping to make it a brilliant red, but since these tones are fairly muted, maybe I'll tone it down as well.

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