Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stormy weather

In creating this piece I was attempting to capture the feeling of a stormy sky and water in the morning. I started with the image below. My first versions were too sunny and I've painted this "down" a couple of times to try to capture the storminess, but I still want more dramatic contrast. I'm darkening the colors slowly. I want the sky at the back of the painting, and the boat to be really bright spots - to look like they are truly lit, but I don't want to do that by completely darkening the rest of the painting. I'll keep working on it slowly.

In the logbook of Henry Hudson's ship, the “Half Moon”, he made note of arriving at a hilly inlet on the coast of New Jersey. There's a good chance this was the Shark River Inlet, a natural harbor. The town was founded in 1872.

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