Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House top 2 - second foray into acrylic

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Well I finished a second acrylic painting. I struggled more with this one than the last, but I was more aggressive in changing the composition from the reference material. I had a hard time balancing the values in the shadows under the eaves because I wanted it to recede, but also to fill the shadows with reflected light from the bright sun. What I really like is the flag - the way it adds that one spot of red, for the most part the only place in the painting where I used this color. It gives the image a focus that I think is a bit lacking in the first painting, although the blue trim around the doors may serve as a focus. Here's the first painting I completed a couple of weeks ago.

Here is the sketch I did in watercolor as preparation and the image I was working from. At first I hadn't included the windows on either side of the door because I was trying to strip down the painting to its essentials, but it was kind of boring. I added them over the watercolor with colored pencil and decided to include them in the larger version.

Here's the reference photo - I took out all of the furniture and the flowers to make it look lonelier and make the focus the architecture.

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George G said...

They're great. I actually like the paintings better than the photograph, as you've pared down the forms to almost flat fields of color - stylized, but really strong.