Friday, April 25, 2008

Warm up - Cassville Farm

A series of warm up pics - their not really warm ups so much anymore. I've found its helpful for me to be able to step back from a main painting and work on something else to either let the main piece dry or to just stop fiddling with it for awhile.

So these little images are helpful. I'm starting to see a pattern as I work multiples like this - they tend to move from very tight to more loose as I work on them. I like them all for different reasons.

I worked on these in series -working the sky on each one in turn, then the grass, the buildings etc. this is the first one - I found the sky kind of boring and the trees mabye too literal and hard edged which makes them advance too much and limits the sense of depth. The fence is also a little overwhelming of the image. The brush in the foreground has a great texture though.

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This is the second one - I added some more interest in the sky. The trees are less literal but still a little hard edged for the background. The grass is more interesting with the red streaks in it. The brush is a little blobular though. The fence is a lot better as a simple barbed wire.

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This is the third one in the series - I added more visual interest in the sky by spraying it with some water to give it more sparkle and I pulled in some of the green of the landscape and added some violet. I worked the trees wet-in-wet to keep them unfocused and quiet so they would recede into the background more. Although the grass is a simple one color wash it does provide a quiet place in the composition for the eye to rest. The foreground fence is simple and the brush has just enough interest to warrant being up front.

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George G said...

The third one's great - love the atmospheric quality of the trees versus the sharper houses/barns.