Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Newark Collage Day 8

Finished with this piece - I like the smaller architectural details - I probably should have put the park scene in the lower right, maintaining the ground line, with the architectureal details above. I'll keep that in mind for future work.

The Lincoln Highway passed through Newark’s “Four Corners,” at Broad and Market streets, claimed at the time to be the “third busiest traffic center in the United States. The large image is of the Paramount Theater, first opened as a vaudeville theater in 1895. Upper right is Lincoln Park, on the lower right a lamp from the flagship Bamaberger's store from Newark's heyday as a s hopping mecca. The smaller images are architectureal details including a column from the First National State Bank Building, the doorway to Grace Church, and a medallion from the defunct Central Railroad who owned the Weehawken Ferry that carried cars from Time Square across the Hudson River at the start of the highway in NY.


George G said...

I think it looks great - the mix of textures of like this is really pushing your craft, I think.

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