Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pumping Station

I've tried over the years to capture my interest in this building in Asbury Park. It was a heating plant that pumped hot water for heating in pipes under the boardwalk up to a saltwater pool and the convention hall for heating. Because its not a particularly colorful building I haven't really produced what I consider a satisfying painting of it, although I've tried.

I find the geometry of the building interesting- the slanting, sloping forms with perforated arches and a variety of levels and planes.

I realized that my interest in the geometry of the building lent itself to a more monochromatic approach that would emphasize the forms and eliminate some of the details. I decided to render it in charcoal. Its much closer to my intent - I may try one more time using just a monchomatic wash in watercolor or some pastels.


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